Polynex is a globally recognised name in sustainable technology, environmental engineering and innovation.

Since Australian pipe manufacture began in the 1950s, polyethylene pipes have been recognised for their superior physical properties and chemical resistance. 


Now, enormous leaps in technology have rendered polyethylene the material of choice for engineers in the 21st century, and for mega-cities such as New York and London. 


Polynex offers long-term solutions for a range of application, including culverts, sewerage, manholes and below-ground water storage. Working closely with civil engineers and councils, Polynex’s aim is to work with its partners and bring Australia into the new age of infrastructure.


Polynex High-Density Polyethylene pipes (HDPE) are formed using a unique double-wall ‘I’beam profiling, resulting in compression strengths up to 8kN/m2. Resistant to fatigue and corrosion, HDPE pipe has an estimated asset life in excess of 100 years.

  • 100% tough + innovative

    HDPE is the most robust of polymers

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Made from 100% Australian natural gas.

  • Economic Asset Life

    Estimated asset life in excess of 100 years.

  • 100% Australian

    Proud to be local. 100% tough for Australian conditions.